Lausanne 2010 – Day 5

I was still basking in the wonderful African morning worship music and replaying the tune inside my head as we delved into Ephesians chapter 3 with John Piper. Looking around at the beautiful diversity of people at my table of five, I observed one Indian man nodding in agreement, while a Jordanian man and Malaysian woman were excitedly taking notes. Dr. Piper posed the question, “Could Lausanne say that we care about all suffering AND especially eternal suffering?”

In the Scriptures we see that nations are called to participate in suffering for His Name. And the supernatural power to endure suffering comes through knowledge of the Gospel and through prayer.

There is a cost involved in reaching others. For some people today, the price is torture or death. I know that because I have met those who candidly shared their personal stories of suffering. There also is a price to pay to truly be a witness. I am thinking of what it is going to cost to reach every people group…

Please pray for those who are making known the Name of Jesus at great cost. Pray that all of us will awaken to the reality that we don’t have to choose between alleviating earthly suffering or bringing the Word, but we CAN pull them together.

As Piper said, “If one of the above offends, we have either a defective view of hell or a defective heart.”

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