It’s All Small

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you’ll make the slightest mention of something, or make a small request of God, and poof, there it is, it’s a done deal. Then there are times you feel the blood pumping through your veins as you lie there crying out to God your deepest desire. It’s in those latter moments that you feel like surely you touched the heart of God; yet nothing.

I’ve prayed about that. I recall years ago when my mother bought my young family a new VCR right after they came out. We were so excited about getting to rent Christian movies. I told the kids, “Wow, let’s go get a movie! If we only had $3 more, we could get some candy and a drink!” We hopped in the car, drove around to our mailbox, and as we approached it, we spotted a wad of money on the ground. It was $3. Hadn’t been five minutes.

Another time while remodeling our garage, I made the comment, “If we had another sink just like that, only a little bigger …” My oldest son went hiking down the creek by our home, and came back two hours later with a sink he found just like it, only a little bigger!

So my question to God would be: Why does it seem that the little unimportant things come so quickly, and the serious concerns take so long?

Jesus said in Luke 12 that five sparrows are worth about two cents. Yet God doesn’t forget even one of them. He numbers our hairs! Then he said, “Don’t be afraid; you’re more valuable than a whole flock!”

I believe God does those little things to let us know He is as close as the whisper of our heart. And though we may not be in great “faith” over the little things, we also are not anxious or fearful over them. We’re at rest. Those little things don’t concern us like the health of a loved one or making the house payment.

When I see God do “small” things, faith fills my heart and I rest. I know He’s in control of the “big” things. That’s why I look for God in the “small” things. Oh, and with God … it’s all small.

So what is big with God? The Great Commission. It was the last thing on Jesus’ heart before He departed for heaven. Bible translation is the key to fulfillment of Vision 2025. Find out how you can join in with us!

Jan Matthews is a writer for The Seed Company.

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  1. Bob Silverman's Gravatar Bob Silverman
    March 18, 2011 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    Jan, looks good I hope all is well with you and Andy!!

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