OneVerse Bloggers Advocate for Vidunda People of East Africa

It’s that time again: Once a month the OneVerse Bloggers link up to advocate for people without access to God’s Word. Their special focus in 2012 is on 56,000 Vidunda people of East Africa.

Among the Vidunda, more than 60 percent affiliate with Christianity. But most still fear witchcraft and practice animistic rituals. Many Christians still hang amulets on their children to protect them from evil spirits and curses. Because they’ve been hearing Scripture in a language foreign to them, most Vidunda people have little idea what it actually teaches. This is Bible poverty.

OneVerse Bloggers

 I asked the OneVerse Bloggers: What do you hope for the Vidunda people?

Hope. Peace through knowing how much God loves them and the realization of how valuable they are. —Jodi McKenna

That they would know how much the Lord loves them — and that they are able to transfer that to one another. —Aurie Good

I hope lots of nice stuff like peace and faith, but fundamentally I hope that they will get God’s word before they die without it. —Katrina Ryder

I hope they get to know God better with each piece of His Word that they get. —Amy M.

I hope they get at least enough of the Word that they come to a saving knowledge of Christ before it’s too late. (Katrina took mine.) —Amy Dane

Bible poverty is a big deal. That’s why OneVerse Bloggers take a stand.

They know the truths of Scripture are foundational to life and to community. Consider how access to God’s Word empowers people with God’s perspective and promises on social, economic and gender issues.

The Bible brings life, and for every day that passes, enough people to fill 16 Boeing 747s die without hearing the Gospel in their own language.

Find out how OneVerse Bloggers are getting involved to end Bible poverty. Start by clicking on a OneVerse Blogger’s link below.  

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