In This Generation!

If someone asked you which generation you’re from, would you have a ready answer? Maybe like me, the year you were born falls in a gray area. When I googled 1981, I discovered that some sources put it under Generation X while others put it under Generation Y. (And if you’re even more like me, you rather like the idea of escaping definition.)

But it got me thinking … what exactly do we mean when we talk about “in this generation” at The Seed Company? You can see it next to our logo: “Accelerated Bible translation – in this generation.”

I think the phrase expresses more than the urgency of our mission. It also says something about who’s with us. Basically, if you’re alive and reading this, it’s you!

You’re part of a blessed generation that’s rising up to bring God’s Word to the last languages. We have a vision that by the year 2025, a Bible translation program will be started in every language still needing one.

One man is reaching beyond challenging circumstances in his life to actively take part in realizing this vision. Through the Blank Bible Challenge, he heard about the need for Bible translation. He approached his friend Milt, an elder at Victory Baptist Church in Hermiston, Oregon, who led the Challenge.

“Hey Milt, I want to help out in a big way, and give one verse of Scripture. I’m pretty sure I can do it at 26 bucks. Maybe I can even do it every month.”

Milt felt speechless. He disclosed to me that this man’s sole income is social security because of a disability.

Like this man, you too can rise up, taking God’s Word to the last languages.

Johanna Fenton is a writer for The Seed Company.

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