Take the “Bible Stacks” Challenge with the OneVerse Bloggers

A stack of Bibles What would it look like to gather every Bible you own, stack them, and take a photo to share with the world?

Yesterday the OneVerse Bloggers did just that. Linking up at Meredith Duke’s blog, they shared with their readers about Bible poverty abroad … and at home.

There are millions of people who don’t have the luxury of even one verse of Scripture in their own language, and here I have nearly a dozen at my fingertips. –Rebekah

I’m so thankful for OneVerse, whose mission is to accelerate the translation of Scripture for ALL people. Not just white people or black people or poor people or oppressed people. –Aurie

What about you? What if you scoured your house for every  Bible you own? What would you learn? What stories would rush forth and demand to be told? –Tia

Apparently, I’m richer than I thought. But oh, how I wish I could box all these extra Bibles up and send them to some of the millions of people who have no access to God’s Word. I want to share my Treasure with them, and I would if only they could understand my language. –Amy

We are so rich in Scripture! But are we? It’s only any good to us if we read it. I know I don’t read it as much as I should. Do you? –Rachel

As I was anticipating this project, I saw my youngest daughter, in her car seat in preparation for the drive to church, cooing at her own little New Testament, and it hit me – my baby has, all to herself, more Scripture than many entire people groups! –Rachel

I want there to be a day when the Vidunda can go looking through their houses to see how many Bibles they have. –Amy

How about joining us? Would you take the “Bible Stacks” challenge? You can link up with us here, or post your photo on the OneVerse Facebook Wall.

End Bible Poverty Pinterest pageHave you heard of Pinterest? Brooke McGlothlin is a dedicated OneVerse blogger who set up an End Bible Poverty Pinterest page where you can pin your Bible Stacks photos! Join in there too, and share in the fun of this new social media network.

Photo credit: Amy Dane

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    Its a sad fact in South Africa that 80% of homes have no books at all. Most children coming to my Sunday school have no bible and due to import duty most bibles are out of the reach of the average disadvantaged South African family or refugees that also attend churches here. I am fortunate I own 3 versions of the bible in print and ten versions on my computer but I am the exception to the rule. Granny D’

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