Are You Burying an Old Spoon?

Do you remember when the Spirit of God first spoke to you? I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was 5 years old and burying an old spoon I’d stolen from my friend. We’d made mud pies that day, and I wanted her spoon. As I dug under the bushes in my front yard, I could sense “Someone” hovering over me—watching. I felt a sense of guilt. But I kept burying that spoon.

God speaks to people in different ways, the most common being through reading Scripture, the preached Word, or conviction of heart. He also speaks through dreams, visions and prophecy. But however He speaks, He knows how to get our attention. He talked to Moses through a burning bush, although as their relationship developed, He spoke with him “face to face,” as friends (Exodus 33:11). In fact, God’s so anxious to communicate with us He’ll talk through a donkey, if necessary! But He doesn’t want to. He’d rather we learn His voice.

When the Lord kept calling Samuel’s name, 1 Samuel 3:7, says, “Samuel did not yet know the Lord because he had never had a message from the Lord before.”

Have you heard God calling your name? Have you felt His heart tugs? You can become as sensitive to God’s voice as you are to your child’s cry, your spouse’s voice or your dog’s bark! But it takes practice.

And to practice learning God’s voice, we must read His Word. And to read His Word, we must have a Bible we can understand. And with a Bible we can understand, we can follow the tugs instead of kicking against the pricks … so we don’t have to get thrown off a horse and blinded (Acts 9:3-7).

Jan Matthews is a writer for The Seed Company.

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